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"I wanted to get a Cellar Door installed in my home. The workmanship of KKM Ironworks was so impressive! They were so efficient and the end result was better than I had imagined. I would definitely recommend them to anyone."

-Y. Miller, Brooklyn, NY

"I recently purchased a new home and I wanted to install Cellar doors, fences, railings and gates. I was unsure of whom to go to so a friend of mine referred me to KKM Ironworks. I didn't know where else to turn so I figured I'd give them a shot. I was very impressed with their work. They were very helpful and professional throughout the whole process."

-T. Rosario, Bronx, NY

"Great work. Needed three new sets of staircases and KKM Ironworks got them done in no time."

-N. Buckler, New York, NY


TVC Ironworks, LLC delivers metal staircases of all sizes in both commercial buildings and residences. We have designed, fabricated and installed iron staircases in all sorts of styles including spiral, curved, inclined, flared, boxed or even an open style which does have treads but no risers, so you might wrap each stair with carpeting if you like. We also design custom railing and balusters to go with our beautiful staircases. Materials used for your staircase may be just wrought iron or else wood and iron in combination.

Like with our other architectural products, our consultants will visit you and look over your design plans or else take measurements on site then deliver a free estimate for each project.

Our consultants can help you decide what kind of style and materials work for you. Spiral staircases are a very efficient use of interior space, and can also be a work of art, adding visual interest to the space.

A wrought iron staircase gives you more choices in design without some of the limitations of woodworking. Wood elements can also be added to an iron staircase to warm the tone of the finished product.

Once you accept the estimate, we will create shop drawings that you can show to your architect for technical approval. All of our products are designed to adhere strictly to NYC building codes so that you never need to worry about code compliance when we design a product.

Our shop offers powder coating of the iron elements in your stairs and railings. This gives you a finish that is stronger and more durable than regular paint. Powder coatings are applied electrostatically without needing any liquid binders then heat-cured for a finish that outlasts regular painting.

KKM Ironworks Installations

KKM Ironworks, Inc. has been in business serving New York's five boroughs since 1999.

Over the years we have gained a strong reputation for our dedication to each job and our exquisite craftsmanship. We work closely with our clients to make sure that we know every specification that is requested to deliver the best service possible.

Not only will you receive excellent service with KKM Ironworks, you will also find that we have some of the best prices around and you will continue to use us for all of your ironwork projects.