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KKM Ironworks Inc

Start-to-Finish Commercial & Residential Fabrication

Here is a list of products we fabricate in our shop. No job is too large or too small for us. We also customize our services to suit the client’s needs and desires. We specialize in the fabrication, restoration, and installation of fire escapes, cellar doors, railings, fences, gates and decks. However, we also fabricate and install the following:

  • Balconies
  • Basement and Cellar Doors
  • Catwalks
  • Cement Filled Stairs
  • Chain Link Fence
  • Custom and/or Ornamental Ironworks
  • Diamond Plated Steps Duct Doors
  • Fire Escapes
  • Metal Stairs
  • Panels
  • Pipe Rails
  • Rails and Railings
  • Roof Hatches
  • Roof Top Fence
  • Security Bars and doors
  • Side Walk Doors and Hatches
  • Spiral Stairs
  • Stands
  • Steel Decks
  • Steel Enclosures
  • Steel Fabrications
  • Steel Gates and Doors
  • Steel Guard Rails
  • Steel Partitions
  • Steel Picket Fences
  • Steel Porches
  • Steel Steps
  • Structural Steel
  • Tree Guards
  • Wheel Racks
  • Window Guards
  • Wrought Iron Gates and Fences

Fire Escapes

We make fire escapes, repair them, and offer complete replacements along with inspection and maintenance services.

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  • Free Fire Escape Inspections and Estimates
  • Fire Escape Restoration(scraping and painting)
  • New Fire Escape Installation
  • Fire Escape Violation Removals
  • Fire Escape Certification (3rd party)

Take advantage of our free offer of an onsite inspection so that we can give you a free estimate for a repair, replacement, or just a repainting.

KKM Ironworks Inc

Different Fire Escape Systems

We design, fabricate, and install custom fire escapes for all building types. We can furnish any type of new fire escape system.

  • Chain and Rung
  • Rigid Fire Escape Stairs
  • Counter-Balanced
  • Fixed/Permanent or Collapsible Ladders

Safety-Code Compliant

We design our systems with safety, durability, code compliance, and a pleasing, professional look in mind.

Our estimator will visit you and look at your building plans or else take measurements of your existing building and fire escape system. We’ll assess the damage on existing systems and give you some free advice on whether to repair or replace and a free estimate for each option.

KKM Ironworks Inc

Unmatched Service & Expertise

If you purchase a new system from us, we will create shop drawings that you can take to your architect or design team for approval. We will fabricate, install, prime, and paint the new fire escape and make sure that it is compliant with both OSHA regulations and all NYC building codes. Please call us for a free inspection and estimate.

Cellar Doors

KKM offers a wide selection of residential cellar doors to fit your unique project requirements with an elegant finish, fast turnaround, and professional installation.

  • Free Cellar Door Estimates
  • No Charge for Removal/Disposal of the Existing Door if Purchasing a New Cellar Door
  • New Cellar Door Installation
  • Cellar Door Repair

Manufacturing * Installation * Repair. One-Stop-Shop - Quality Service Guaranteed!!

KKM Ironworks Inc
KKM Ironworks Inc